Friday, November 26, 2004

Nick Zimmer~A Fallen Hero

From: zoezim Sent: 3/9/2005 8:35 AM

With tears in my eyes I have read your tribute and it was awesome. Thankyou and I hope you don't mind I added a couple of pics of my soldier. He was in Iraq when these were taken and he was killed on memorial day 2004 in Kufa Iraq. He was a loader and a driver of an M1A1 Abrahms Tank and was proud to be an Iron Duke.



There was a lifetime
Danny-Killed in Action .
lived in a space of time
In a blink you were born
and you lived; and you died.

I can still feel the ripples you caused
as your life sped by me
I don't quite believe your
gone from this life experience

I was so certain of the future
filled with you and the ones that
you would bring to this life
The ones that you would choose to love

I loved the chubbly little boy with
dancing green eyes and
a perpetual smile
The love of my life

I loved the young man
Danny 2-Killed in Action .

who was witty and funny
He could lighten the mood
bringing happiness to a dull day

I loved the soldier
brave and couragous
who fought for our freedom
I love my son

© Zoe